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Welcome to my official blog page.

Here I get to speak my holds barred, no second guessing.  Just telling it like it is!!

First off, thanks for visiting  I hope you enjoy your visit and will be a “frequent flyer.”

So much to talk about.  The Olympics are a hot topic right now.  I am enjoying these 2010 Winter games.  I must admit, just between you and me, I am now officially a huge curling fan!!  Before the games began, I thought those people were crazy for playing with “rocks..”  But now, I am crazy about the sport!  What changed?  Watching it I realized it’s like a chess game!  The strategy, the intensity, the’s great!!

The US Women’s Hockey team didn’t get the gold medal, they played a very tough Canadian team on their home ice.  Imagine the pressure THEY were felt!  The Canadian felt so relieved at winning the gold that they celebrated on the ice AFTER all the fans were out of the arena and they still got in trouble with the IOC. Team Canada, enjoy your gold..for now.  I get the feeling Team USA will be back stronger than ever!

I have enjoyed the snowboarding, the speed skating, the ski jumping..oh yes, speaking of ski jumping, why exactly have female ski jumpers been denied an opportunity to participate in these 2010 Olympics?  Really, IOC, come on!!  There is no real reason to deny women an opportunity to ski jump for gold!  In my opinion, if a sport is included in the Olympics, females & males should be allowed to participate period!!  See 2012 Women’s Boxing:).

Joannie Rochette you are special!  To show such courage, heart and strength under the most tragic of circumstances..your Mother would be proud!!  I am cheering for you…I understand your pain.  I have walked in your shoes..I know the feeling.  God Bless!!

And so my very first WSENetwork blog is complete, but do COME ON BACK..I always have something to say…

Denise S.

WSEN-Dream Big, Aim High!!!

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My Blog

Denise J. Saul is the Founder/President of WSEN-Women's Sports & Entertainment Network.

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