SKI JUMPING NEWS: Hendrickson wins 2 World Cups, tightens grip on overall lead

SKI JUMPING NEWS: Hendrickson wins 2 World Cups, tightens grip on overall lead


Entire U.S. team finishes in top 25 in two comps in Slovenia

English: Jessica Jerome, at the Ski jumping Co...

Jessica Jerome - Image via Wikipedia

Ljubno, Slovenia — Sarah Hendrickson’s double fist-pump in the outrun is a modest show of celebration for the U.S. teen who’s been adamantly punching through the ceiling of women’s ski jumping this season.

With two more World Cup wins this weekend in Ljubno, Slovenia, she’s sitting soundly in 1st place in the overall standings. Sarah has won six out of nine World Cup events and has notched at least two hill records, including Sunday’s second-round jump of 95 meters on the challenging K85 jump in Ljubno.

“I had one of the best jumps I’ve ever had in competition and it all just came together and worked out so well,” Hendrickson said. “Technically I stayed in balance and my timing was good and in flight I kept my arms closer to my body. It was great coming over the knoll in that second jump — I knew it was good.”

Coach Paolo Bernardi said Hendrickson is going from event to event, focused on jumping her best — and focused to win. “She’s in the perfect spot now,” he said of her overall 1st-place ranking.

The Visa Women’s Ski Jumping Team is also No 1 overall — more than 437 points ahead of Germany — thanks to consistent podium, top-10 and top-20 results. Jessica Jerome, who took 5th on Saturday and 8th on Sunday, is jumping super aggressively and strong and is stepping up with more confidence, Bernardi said.

“Coming into this weekend, I knew what I needed to do in Ljubno. This hill can be challenging and there were a couple of technical things I was able to figure out and fix,” said Jerome, currently 10th in the world. “I was really happy with my results.”

Lindsey Van, ranked 3rd in the world, was 8th Saturday and 10th Sunday; Abby Hughes was 18th both days; and Alissa Johnson was 22nd and 21st. More than 3,000 spectators came out both days to watch the women jump — some of the largest crowds they’ve had so far this season.

“It’s been a long six weeks on the road and I’m looking forward to coming home to recharge and prepare for the next World Cups in Zao, Japan,” Jerome said. “Our team is doing amazing and we’re ready to finish out the season strong.”

Hendrickson, Nina Lussi and Nita Englund will compete in a Continental Cup event Feb. 18-19 in Liberec, Czech Republic in preparation for the Junior World Ski Jumping Championships on Feb. 23 in Erzurum, Turkey. The World Cup tour continues March 3-4 in Zao, Japan, where there will be three comps (one comp was added to make up for an earlier cancellation in Poland). The World Cup final is set for March 9 in Oslo, Norway.

World Cup

Ljubno, Slovenia

Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012

Women’s Normal Hill, HS95, K-point 85m

1. Sarah Hendrickson, USA,  (85.5  87.0)  246.5

2. Sara Takanashi, JPN, (86.5  88.5)  245.2

3. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, (81.5  90.0)  229.2

5. Jessica Jerome, USA (85.5  83.5)  220.5

8. Lindsey Van, USA,  (83.5  83.5)  218.3

18. Abby Hughes, USA  (77.0  78.5)  199.4

22. Alissa Johnson, USA, (74.5  80.5)  188.0

World Cup

Ljubno, Slovenia

Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012

Women’s Normal Hill, HS95, K-point 85m

1. Sarah Hendrickson, USA,  (91.5  95.0)  259.6

2. Sara Takanashi, JPN, (90.0  90.5)  246.7

3. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, AUT, (87.0  84.5)  222.4

8. Jessica Jerome, USA  (83.5  81.0)  209.2

10. Lindsey Van, USA (85.0  80.0)  208.0

18. Abby Hughes, USA  (80.0  78.0)  191.1

21. Alissa Johnson, USA, (79.0  76.0)  181.8

This section contains unedited press releases distributed by Women’s Ski Jump USA.


Visa Team posts top results in Zakopane Continental Cup

Jumpers pay tribute to Burke, donate portion of earnings to family

English: Daniela Iraschko, at the Ski jumping ...

Daniela Iraschko, AUT - Image via Wikipedia

Zakopane, Poland, Jan. 21 — The Visa Women’s Ski Jumping Team continued its strong performance this weekend with four members in the top 10 on Friday and five in the top 15 on Saturday at a Continental Cup (COC) event in Zakopane, Poland.

Sarah Hendrickson, who leads the overall standings on the World Cup, took a 1st and 2nd; Jessica Jerome a 6th and 8th; Abby Hughes a 7th and 10th; Alissa Johnson a 7th and 9th; and Nina Lussi a 15th and 22nd.

This weekend’s COC event replaced a World Cup event scheduled for Jan. 28-29 in Szczyrk, Poland, which was cancelled for technical organizational reasons, according to the International Ski Federation.

“Zakopane can be a really difficult hill for some and especially coming from Predazzo (last weekend) it’s like night and day,” said Johnson. “But I think because it was a COC I was able to relax a little and just focus on bringing my good result from last weekend into this weekend.”

Hughes agreed, saying that the atmosphere was a little less pressure-filled, but still an exciting event because a men’s World Cup competition was taking place during the same time and fans came to watch in droves.

“About 20,000 fans showed up,” Hughes said. “Organizers held the women’s COC award ceremony — for the first day of our comp — in the outrun of the World Cup run. It gave me goose bumps to hear that many people cheering for those six girls, especially Sarah (Hendrickson).”

Lake Placid native Nina Lussi posted one of her best results to date (15th on Saturday) on the COC with a solid first-round leap of 72 meters on the K85 hill. The 17-year-old is an up-and-coming member of the Visa Development Team. She attends Skigymnasium Stams, in Stams, Tirol, Austria — a prestigious school that focuses on balancing competitive skiing and academics.

“I am really happy with my results and my jumping was much better today (Saturday),” Lussi said. “The rest of the girls are so encouraging and make me feel really comfortable even under the pressure of a competition.”

Lussi and her teammates competed in Poland just one day following the death of Sarah Burke, the half-pipe skiing pioneer from Canada who sustained fatal injuries in a fall in the pipe in Park City, Utah, more than a week earlier. As a tribute to Burke, Visa Team members are donating a portion of their earnings from the Zakopane event toward Burke’s medical expenses.

“It was very sad when we got the news about Sarah,” Johnson said. “It definitely hits close to home and makes you take a step back and think about your own life and the lives of the people around you. Donating some of our prize money is the least we could do to help support her family and to honor one of skiing’s greatest pioneers.”

To learn more about Burke and help support her family, go to http://www2.giveforward.com/sarahburke.html.

Continental Cup

Zakapone, Poland

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012


1. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, 215.0 (91.0, 83.5)

2. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, 214.5 (79.5, 86.5)

3. Ema Klinec, SLO, 198.5 (81.0, 76.5)

6. Jessica Jerome, USA, 188.5 (78.5, 75.0)

7. Abby Hughes, USA, 180.5 (76.5, 73.5)

9. Alissa Johnson, USA, 179.0 (79.0, 71.0)

15. Nina Lussi, USA, 144.5 (72.0, 63.5)

Continental Cup

Zakapone, Poland

Friday, Jan. 20, 2012


1. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, 234.5 (89.0, 89.5)

2. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, 228.0 (88.0, 85.0)

3. Ema Klinec, SLO, 218.5 (84.0, 82.5)

7. Alissa Johnson, USA, 192.5 (78.5, 77.5)

8. Jessica Jerome, USA, 191.0 (78.5, 78.0)

10. Abby Hughes, USA, 190.5 (78.5, 76.0)

22. Nina Lussi, USA, 135.0 (66.5, 65.0)

Women’s Ski Jumping USA is the primary support group for the VISA Women’s Ski Jumping Team and aims to foster development level athletes throughout the U.S. WSJ-USA, a 501c3 foundation, also advocates for equality for women and girls in sports

Hendrickson wins 2 World Cups in Italy; sets hill record for women

Visa Team leads overall World Cup standings

Sarah Hendrickson (photo courtesy of Women's Ski Jumping USA)

Val di Fiemme, Predazzo, Italy — Sarah Hendrickson put up two huge jumps Sunday to win her fourth World Cup (WC) competition so far this season. She’s also leading the overall WC standings by more than 150 points over reigning World Champion and veteran Daniela Iraschko, of Austria.

And, by the way, she set a new hill record of 108 meters for women on the K95 hill at Val di Fiemme, site of the 2013 Nordic World Ski Championships.

“I love ski jumping. I just love it so much,” a smiling Hendrickson told reporters after her win.

The 17-year-old from Park City, Utah, is in “The Zone” — that magical place of unwavering confidence and superior performance that elite athletes in every sport strive to be. On Saturday, she bested the field and came from behind in the second round — leaping 107.5 meters — to beat Iraschko, who finished second.

“Now for Sarah, it’s simply amazing because she’s on top of the world and the strongest, but at the same time, she’s relaxed and happy and focused,” said International Coach Paolo Bernardi. “That’s where she needs to stay for the next competitions.”

The U.S. team is leading overall on the World Cup, boosted by Hendrickson’s domination of the top spot, and consistent podium, top 6 and top 10 performances by veterans Lindsey Van and Jessica Jerome. Alissa Johnson hit her mark Sunday finishing 15th and Abby Hughes, who’s been nursing a leg injury, has routinely made the top 25.

Van attributes the success so far to the fact that everyone on the team really loves to ski jump and is supportive of each other.

“We all started ski jumping initially to have fun and staying focused on that is what keeps you going,” said Van, currently third in the WC standings behind Hendrickson and Iraschko. “With all we’ve been through in the past 10 years, we really love and appreciate what we do and now we can simply enjoy it.”

U.S. women ski jumpers and their international peers pushed for years to be included in the Olympic Winter Games and met that goal when the International Olympic Committee in April 2011 approved a women’s ski jumping event for the Sochi 2014 Games.

Competition continues next weekend. The women’s World Cup scheduled for Jan. 28-29 in Szczyrk, Poland, was cancelled for technical organizational reasons and the two events will now take place on Jan. 20 and 21 in Zakopane as Continental Cup (COC) competitions. The women will jump on the normal hill on Friday and Saturday at 10:30 am CET. At both COC’s, the prize money of a World Cup will be awarded to the athletes.

“We’re ready for the next competitions,” Hendrickson said. “Our results just show how strong we are and how well we compete. Every day is a new day and we enjoy this so much — we don’t let anything interfere with that.”

World Cup

Val di Fiemme, Predazzo, Italy

Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012

Women’s Normal Hill, K95

(with wind system calculation)


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

1. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, (104.5, 108) 285.9

2. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, (96.5, 105.5)  273.1

3. Ulrike Graessler, GER, (100.0, 98.0)  250.8

6. Lindsey Van, USA, (94.0  97.0)  244.6

8. Jessica Jerome, USA  (94.5  94.5)  242.3

15. Alissa Johnson, USA, (95.0  90.5)  227.9

24. Abby Hughes, USA  (89.0  90.0)  207.5

World Cup

Val di Fiemme, Predazzo, Italy

Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012

Women’s Normal Hill, K95

(with wind system calculation)

1. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, (105, 107.5) 277.2

2. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, (107.0  103.0)  275.5

3. Anette Sagen, NOR, (95.5  99.5)  248.1

4. Lindsey Van, USA, (103, 93.5) 244.4

6. Jessica Jerome, USA (96.5  94.5)  238.3

22. Abby Hughes, USA  (83.5  87.0)  198.1

24. Alissa Johnson, USA (82.0  89.5)  194.1


• Saturday, Jan. 14 – Sarah Hendrickson set the Val di Fiemme hill record for the women’s World Cup with a jump of 107.5 meters.

• Sunday, Jan. 15 – Hendrickson broke her Saturday record with a jump of 108 meters on Sunday.

• Hendrickson is ranked 1st the World Cup standings; Lindsey Van is 3rd; Jessica Jerome is 9th; Alissa Johnson is 23rd; Abby Hughes is 29th.

• The Visa Women’s Ski Jumping Team leads the World Cup standings followed by Germany and Austria.


Sarah Hendrickson wins second World Cup; Jessica Jerome nabs third

Three U.S. team members in top 10, besting all other nations

Sarah Hendrickson

HINTERZARTEN, GER. — Sarah Hendrickson has now won two out of the three World Cup competitions so far this season after a resounding 30-point victory Sunday over second-place finisher Sara Takanashi, of Japan.

And the U.S. celebration doesn’t stop there. Teammate Jessica Jerome fought back to a decisive third-place after battling unlucky wind and snow conditions on Saturday that cut the competition short after just one round. Lindsey Van finished 7th. Alissa Johnson was 23rd and Abby Hughes was 25th.

“Yesterday was difficult with the weather and I haven’t been here in a couple years,” said Hendrickson, 17. “Today I got in another good training jump and got a feel for the hill. I was super confident after that and knew warming up that I could do it.”

Hendrickson jumped 107.5 and 104.5 meters on the 95K hill. Her first jump set a new ladies record on the HS108 jump. She won the women’s World Cup (WC) opener in Lillehammer on Dec. 3, and claimed the title as the first woman ever to win a WC ski jumping competition. This is the first season the International Ski Federation has held a WC for women.

Jerome jumped 101 meters both rounds Sunday. Last year, Jerome captured a 4th in Hinterzarten and finished 5th overall on the Continental Cup tour. She’s been working on one small technical aspect of her jumping and said she’s getting a handle on it and improving.

“I got a lot of sleep last night and I woke up and felt good today and knew I was capable of having good jumps and doing well on this hill,” said Jerome, who was just nudged out of second-place by Takanashi, who jumped shorter, but received more style points.

“With the continued growth of the sport and it being more competitive than years ago, everyone is definitely fine-tuned and absolutely everything counts,” she said.

Van, won took 2nd in Saturday’s competition, jumped 94.0m and 93.5m on Sunday. She missed the World Cup opener in Lillehammer while healing from ankle surgery and has been battling mono.

“It’s so awesome to see Jessica do that well, she had awesome jumps today and so did Lindsey,” said Hendrickson. “To have three of us in the top 10 … No other nation can say that today. We train hard and compete well.”

The World Cup continues on Jan. 14 and 15 in Val di Fiemme, Italy.

World Cup

Hinterzarten, Germany

Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012

Women’s Normal Hill, K95

(with wind system calculation)

1. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, (107.5, 104.5) 273.2

2. Sara Takanashi, JPN, (100.5, 99.5) 242.6

3. Jessica Jerome, USA (101.0, 101.0) 240.1


7. Lindsey Van, USA, (94, 83.5) 215.8

23. Alissa Johnson, USA (91, 91) 196

25. Abby Hughes, USA (89.5, 88.5) 87.8

World Cup

Hinterzarten, Germany

Saturday, Jan. 7, 2012

Women’s Normal Hill, K95

(with wind system calculation)

Competition concluded after first jump only due to poor weather conditions.

1. Sabrina Windmuller, SUI, (100) 114.7

2. Lindsey Van, USA, (94) 113.9

3. Lisa Demetz, ITA, (97.5) 110.7

9. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, (89) 104.0

27. Jessica Jerome, USA (86) 88.5

32. Alissa Johnson, USA (83.5) 85.1

38. Abby Hughes, USA (80) 77.8

Women’s Ski Jumping USA is the primary support group for the VISA Women’s Ski Jumping Team and aims to foster development level athletes throughout the U.S. WSJ-USA, a 501c3 foundation, also advocates for equality for women and girls in sports.

story courtesy o f Women’s Ski Jumping USA

This section contains unedited press release distributed by Women’s Ski Jumping USA. These releases reflect the views of the issuing entity and are not reviewed or edited by WSEN’s staff. More information on Women’s Ski Jumping USA can be found on their web site. You can contact the service with questions or concerns.

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