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I am sooooo enjoying the Women’s NCAA tournament..especially Ms. Brittany Griner.  The freshman is really putting on a show.  I did pick them to beat  Tennessee, even though that seemed “crazy” at the time.  What I liked most about the #4 seed Baylor Lady Bears win over the #1 seeded Lady Vols..Brittany’s teammates really stepped up.  I cannot wait for Brittany’s sophomore season when she develops a hook shot and/or a teardrop, gets her footwork going on and gets some more “star” power on that team, ..Baylor just might be the UConn of 2011!

I must say that I am just ecstatic that I can see, in my lifetime,  a player like Brittany. Her impact on the women’s game is going to be as huge as she is (Griner stands 6’8″ tall and wears a men’s size 17 sneaker…WOW!!)

Texas A&M’s Danielle Adams is another player to watch..can you feel it?  Women’s college basketball is moving to a whole new level!!  Enjoy the ride baby!!

Coach Geno Auriemma always speaks his mind, gotta love it.  First he called out athletic directors for not really supporting the women’s game then he spoke about his relationship with Pat Summit after his Huskies totally dismantled Iowa State.

Great run by Gonzaga, San Diego State, Mississippi State..what’s up with Georgia?  You know scoring in the 30’s during in a tournament is downright embarrassing!! Thus far, seven teams have lost by scoring under 40 points!!  That’s either great defense or poor offensive schemes/executionI can see a #10, 15 or 16 seed losing badly in the first round or when playing UConn, BUT #5 seed (Georgia, Georgetown) really ugly.

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